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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”



Birch class investigating a murder to enhance their mystery writing in English!


More photos of the investigations carried out, can be found on the Gallery page.

Exploring Electricity in Science



We have had a fantastic first day! We explored the stones at Avebury and then arrived at Braeside for lunch in the sunshine. It was then time for some problem solving and low ropes, which was tough on the mind and body! The highlight of the day was by far the nightline. It was a combination of laughter, mud and ouch! The children loved it, as did the teachers.

Day 2 presented us with another sunny sky and a new set of challenges for the day. We began our day fresh as daisies, ready to sing for our supper (lunch) at the Devizes markets. Children were given £8 with the aim to create a healthy nutritious meal for themselves and their team mates.

This is where many children shone with their exemplary 'negotiating' skills to assit them in bagging a bargain. We then feasted on strawberry, raspberry and grape sandwiches to name a few.

On a full belly we then attacked the rock wall, zipline and leap of faith. Many children rose to the occasion.

We ended the evening with a bonfire and marshmallows and some reflections on our time at Braeside.

More pictures of our time at Braeside canbe found in the 2017 gallery on the News & Events page.

Fun with Science!

During Science Week, Chemical Cress came into school to show us how to do some amazing experiments and teach us about science. Birch Class made slime and we were shown how to create a chemical reaction.

The Mentos Explosion

At the end of Science week we created an explosion using lemonade and mentos. We used diet and normal lemonade and mint and fruit mentos. We found that mint mentos and diet lemonade worked best and the explosion was more than 50cm high!

We made string telephones out of a cup and 20 metres of string. Some of them worked properly and some didn't. We could hear each other talk and sing. It was fun!

Science Week was great fun! We learnt many things.