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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”


Willow Class Assembly - MacBeth

Following the assembly, parents joined Willow Class in their classroom to enjoy some activities together.

Fire Safety Talk

Willow Class Welcoming the Bells Back To

St Michael's & All Angels Church, Brinkworth

On Tuesday 3rd October Willow Class went to the church to go and see the bells be put in (the new ones). It was an amazing sight. All these men were there helping to lower the bells off the lorry. They had to use straps as it was so heavy. The straps had to be attahced to the bell as well as the crane. When the big bell was lifted, I thought it was going to fall it was so heavy. The biggest bell was nearly the size of me.

In the end Rev Steve put oil on the bells and signed it off with a cross on each one. It was a fabulous day for Willow Class.

By Neveah.

Eden Project Residential Trip

Day 1

We have arrived in one piece  and upon our arrival we were packed into shipping containers. We are cargo! The facilities include remotely controlled heating, TV sets, en-suites and our very own special means of transport known as the Landtrain, which is a set of little carriages pulled by an enormous tractor at a snail-speed.

Our activities today included sensory trail across nettles and thistle infested wilderness and problem-solving tasks.

The day culminated on the high note of singing bizarre songs around a camp fire.

Day 2

Today we experienced vertical wall climbing, dizzy-heights abseiling and throwing oneself off a two-storey plank onto a giant blow-up pillow.

We had a fantastic rainforest survival workshop in an out-of-this-world Rainforest Biome. Mist bath proved particularly popular with some children.

Day 3

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day, full of promise and bird-song. Our first activity was archery.  We have truly amazing archers in our class: they all kept more or less on target. No stray arrows hitting random pigeons or passing ramblers! Hooray!


Sporting activities included rounders and other ball games.

Our highlight today was the FIRE! No, we didn't go up in smoke, but we started a few fires in many different ways. It was lovely watching our cave-people having their way with a flint torch to start a fire and bake ourselves some bread.

Day 4

Today, we had been buggying, i.e. designing and building vehicles in the style of the Flinstones, driving them and even racing each other.

Fencing gave many children an opportunity to take their frustration out on their life-long enemies... touché!

In the afternoon we orienteered and pioneered. Team work was at the premium and the children delivered.

Our evening visit to the Rainforest Biome was amazing! The highlight was their fantastic musical rendition of the rainforest using traditional equatorial instruments.