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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”

Year 3 - HAZEL

Science Week

During Science week we had a workshop with Chemical Cress from ‘Fun Science’. She did lots of exciting experiments with us such as making our hair stand on end, finding out what shape air will be when fired out of an air canon and burning off gas stored within bubbles. Our favourite part was when we made slime! We created a chemical reaction using PVA glue, paint and a mystery chemical which caused the microscopic parts of the glue to stick together and made it thicker, smoother and not sticky. As we mixed it was ‘like jelly’, ‘gross’, ‘so slimy’. We needed to leave the slime to get more stretchy and bouncy.

Road Safety

Hazel class had the Road Safety Officer come to talk to them about how they can keep safe when walking along pavements and crossing roads. She also discussed with us how to be safe in cars and on buses. She showed us a DVD which told us about sensible places to cross a road and the green cross code. We all went outside in small groups and looked at the dangers. We also practised crossing the road safely in two different places in Brinkworth. We really enjoyed wearing the fluorescent jackets!!


Visit from REME

On the 21st November, Oliver from the REME museum came to visit our class. We had to work in teams of three to design a volcano rover which needed to include an engine and cogs using Lego Technique equipment. The rover had to move so it could take a robot from the safe zone up to the bottom of Mount Brinkworth (a volcano which was about to erupt). It had to be able to carry scientific equipment to measure the larva flow at the bottom of the volcano. We could also earn bonus points for extra added features including lights to see through the smoke and ash. The winning team was C.C.O. who even designed a seat belt for the scientific equipment!!


Roman Life

In Hazel class we have been looking at a 'day in the life of a Roman' and so we had a special 'visitor' who the children were able to ask questions of.  They all really enjoyed this and asked some fantastic questions which have helped us to understand more about Roman life.

Iron Age Round Houses

Working in groups, the children have been creating their own Iron Age round houses as part of our History, Stone Age to Iron Age module. 

The children also made an Iron Age torc. They used clay and twisted two pieces of clay together, once dry they painted them with gold paint.


In Science we have been looking at rocks and as part of an activity carousel the children were able to: conduct their own science experiments to test the reaction of vinegar or water; undertake scratch tests using iron implements; sketch the rocks; group the rocks and/or complete research into rock names via the internet and books.