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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”

Year 6 - WILLOW

To hear Willow Class reciting The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Caroll, click on the link below.

First Aid Training


Willow Class Getting Ready for Christmas


Science - Exploring Light

Looking into a dark box to see a picture hidden in there - firstly without, then with a lit bulb inside it. Discovering what's needed for us to be able to see.



Eden Project Residential Trip

Day 1

The journey was smooth and pain free. I was informed that, apparently, one of my pupils had once thrown up at Exeter services on the way to Legoland. A keen insight into what makes a memorable family trip but it also confirmed that I need to work on the children’s geography!

Happy – With 2 minutes left to go and after 3 hours of constant nagging, I finally told the children who they were sharing a room with. Picture the scene. A packed bus full of excited pupils. The chatting reduces to whispers. Then complete still and quiet. I read out the first name. Pause. Clear my throat…and the phone rings. The screams of pain! The nail biting. Finally I put down the phone (it was school telling me that one of the children had left something behind). A deathly silence floats down the bus, I raise the list again… “the pupils in room 105 are…” Now what came next was a little odd! When I got to the bottom of the list the bus was in a state of shock. Not a word. Not a sound. Nothing for a whole minute. Then without warning, the hugging, the high fives and the high pitch glass shattering screams of joy started. I took this to mean everyone is HAPPY.

Enjoying the activities – cart building and body zorbing. According to a wise old man (they call him the oracle) zorbing was invented by a Greek man who named it after himself. He was apparently trying to find a new sport he could abzorb himself in! Imagine a large inflatable beach ball fitted with a safety harness and two internal grab handles. You then put a small child inside so only their legs stick out the bottom. Once you have assembled 10 of these zorbs you sit back and watch. It was a mixture of American football, it’s a knock out and ballet.

After hitching a ride on the back of the very slow land train we arrived at a very quiet Eden project café. The food catered for everyone. 22 salad dodgers catered for with lasagne, jacket potatoes, cheese, carrots, cauliflower, freshly cooked ham, fresh bread, roast new potatoes with rosemary plus several side dishes. This was followed by apple crumble, fresh fruit, homemade fruit flapjack and other small nutritious nibbles. 

Day 2

Before I report on today's activities, let me first fill you in on last night. They were all in bed by 9.30 pm with a lights out at 10.30 at the latest. Now some of the more astute children listened to the wise old Oracle and were firmly asleep by 10 pm.  Others ignored him!

We boarded the land train ready for breakfast. Breakfast was a choice of bacon, egg or sausage baps, cinnamon twirls, pain au chocolate, croissants, toast, cereal and a choice of different fruit juices. Let's put it this way…the children consumed a lot of breakfast!

All the children were happy to give the climbing wall their best shot, with the award for king and queen rock monkeys going to Maddie and Will W. The abseiling on the other hand was not quite so successful, with less than two-thirds making it over the edge. I must congratulate a number of true stars, who having first refused to go over the edge, then had a chat with the Oracle, gave it their all, overcame their fears and proved that you don’t have to be daft to jump off a wall. Well done Charlie, James, Marcus and Lily.

After a quick picnic lunch we set off for ‘Storm Patrol’. A look at how different shelters across the world are constructed. This included a trip around the Rain Forest dome for ideas before the teams were let loose with poles, rope and sheeting material with the aim of building their own shelters. The children spent a really happy three hours working as teams in their quest to build the ultimate den. Once they had finished they had turned a little part of the Eden Project in to their own French ‘Jungle’!

Day 3

Wow! Another truly amazing day. Life has settled down into quite a well established routine. The only thing that seems to change is the amount of effort needed to get the children out of bed in the morning. With the land train due to leave at 8am, I was still knocking on doors trying to get the last few out of bed at 7.30.

This morning’s activities were hosted by the Eden Project. The children learnt about the ancient skill of fire lighting, got to make their own reed lamps and got to mix and cook their own bread. All the children were fantastically well behaved and the only thing that got burnt was the bread. A really great workshop.

After a quick (ish) walk back up to the pods we had lessons in archery and rocket building. My group tried to bring down a navy helicopter with their rocket and the other group realised that being Robin Hood is more difficult than it looks. Wearing and looking good in the tights is easy, it is shooting those pesky arrows which was the challenge.

Fashion and dress sense has been the main topic of conversation today. I know that a lot of parents worry about what their children choose to wear and if it coordinates. Well… Sam has avoided his hair brush for 3 days now, Charlie has got himself stuck in the same jumper (he took it off for the group photo), James seems to have an endless supply of shirts, one room of girls has yet to test the showers and girls don’t wear shorts because they are not cool! Another craze that has broken out is the ‘Random Dance’.  I take this as a good sign that they are all content and enjoying themselves. I just pity the public who must fear we are all about to break out into a well-choreographed Glee song and dance routine. 

When the public have all left we have the sole use of the Eden Project site. On a bright sunny day like today the view of the domes and the gardens are stunning.

Day 4

Today has been another glorious day. We have had a lesson on the ancient and gentlemanly sport of fencing. We have also spent a lot of the day trying to build our communication, team and leadership skills. This was not quite so successful thanks to tiredness and the heat. Ruby H, Holly and Joseph put the others to shame with their calm and thoughtful approach to the tasks.

All the day visitors, all the gardening and all the maintenance staff have gone, it is just us and our guide. We are going to be here after dark and we have been told the place comes alive, so I am sure it is going to be unforgettable in one way or another!

Some of you won't have much clothes washing to do but you may need to wash your child, and some of you will have the opposite problem. They are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.