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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17


Roman Pots

We created our own Roman pots using different techniques. First, we created a simple pinch pot and added rolling coils. We worked carefully to join the clay using our fingers to create our pots. We used clay tools to add designs to our pots. We are very pleased with the finished pots which are all unique.


Rocks Investigation

We have been investigating igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. We carried out an experiment to test which rock is the hardest, most durable and most waterproof. We tested slate, granite, limestone, marble and chalk. We ranked granite as the best and chalk as the worst!


I found out that if you put water on chalk, the water soaks through and chalk is very soft and permeable. It is not a hard rock.  Eric

I found out that granite is the most durable and waterproof. Chalk is the least strongest and is not waterproof. I enjoyed it when we used the pipette to test if the rocks were waterproof. Rafe