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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17


Stone Age

We have been doing some Stone Age activities in class.

I like drawing Stone Age people. The best bit was that it was dark, so it was a bit challenging. Libby.


What I liked about building Stonehenge with Jenga blocks was that it looked like the real thing. It didn’t look like the real thing with custard creams! Maille.


Bristol Museum

Birch and Rowan class enjoyed a trip to Bristol museum. We took part in a workshop where we had to examine artefacts, work out what they were and decide how the Ancient Egyptians used them. We spent time exploring the Egypt gallery learning about the mummification process, Egyptian hierarchy and the Afterlife. Then we explored the rest of the museum in our small group sketching birds and animals from all over the world.


Skippy John

Birch class enjoyed taking part in a skipping workshop with Skippy John.


Electrical Circuits

This term we have been making simple electrical circuits with buzzers, lights and switches.


Ancient Sumer Figurines

Year 4 Residential Trip to Braeside

Braeside had lots of things to do. My favourite thing was the climbing wall, because all the year 4 had fun. The night line was fun as well, because you had to listen to your partner and hold onto the rope. By Amalie.

Braeside was the best because we did rock climbing, sadly we didn't do canoeing. We did lots of activities like the night line, low ropes and GPS orienteering. Instead of canoeing we did a canal walk. The best part was that I was in a room with all of my friends. Then we did more activities and the next night we had a campfire with marshmallows. I didn't want to go home, but we had to.  By Hollie.

At Braeside we did GPS orienteering and had to find different numbers from 001 to 010. Then when we finished we had to figure out the word by unscrambling the letters.  By Ryan.

Braeside was lovely. We did rock climbing, orienteering and lots more. It started to hail halfway through problem solving. After problem solving we did an obstacle course.  We went on the night line, but it was still light, so one of us wore a blindfold. By Amelia.

Braeside was really fun, especially the night line. We got really muddy. The bedrooms were great. I stayed in a room with Arabella, Alexa and Amalie and we played top trumps at bedtime. By Febe.

We did climbing wall, canal walk, low ropes, GPS orienteering, night line and camp fire and I really enjoyed it. By Millie.

My favourite activity was the night line where you had to hold onto the rope around a muddy track, then the low ropes which was a course of ropes that you had to hold onto. Sadly we didn't go canoeing because it was too windy. By Harry.

We did a climbing wall, night line and low ropes. All of this was really good fun! I slept really well, especially the second night. The food was yummy! By Charlie.

William Morris

We have been studying the designer William Morris and designed our own motifs. We created our own printing blocks using cardboard and created wallpaper samples in his style.

‘States of Matter’ Investigation

Measuring the temperature of ice with thermometers and data loggers.



Lacrosse is a fun, exciting sport. You have big metal sticks with a blue or red plastic top. There are 3 or more people in a team. Steve gives us easy, clear rules.  By Leah and Amelia

When we do lacrosse, we go in a team and we have 6 goals and 6 captains. I love Lacrosse. We learn lots from Steve. We practise scooping and catching. By Faye


Making Fruit Salad


Paper Weaving


Vikings Homework

Dig Presentation


Multi Sports

On 10th November, some children from Birch class enjoyed trying out different sporting activities for the Multi Sports Festival in the Activity Zone. They practised throwing beans bags at targets, balancing balls, turning cones as fast as possible and rope jumping amongst other activities.


Viking Day

Birch and Rowan Classes enjoyed a 'Viking Day'. They dressed up as Vikings and activities included listening to Viking stories, writing in Viking runes and using OS maps and Google maps to find Viking place names.


Making 3D Shapes



In Birch class, we have been doing watercolours of apples, pineapples and tomatoes to share at the Harvest Festival at Brinkworth church. We have been learning about food miles and found out that tins of tuna fish can be transported more than 5000 miles from Mauritius! We have been looking to see what we can buy in Brinkworth. We can buy eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice creams from local farms.  By Lara


Anglo-Saxons Shields

We made Anglo-Saxon shields for our topic 'Invasion.'

We enjoyed designing our cardboard circles. We had many unique designs. Our shields are very colourful. They are very nice. We all enjoyed painting them.

We are going to put them our topic board.  By Bessie