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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”


Ukulele Lessons

Trip to Berekely Castle

In June we enjoyed a day out at Berkeley Castle.  We got to explore the huge, ancient building with all the amazing rooms, including ghosts, the Great Hall and a dungeon.

We got to dress up in costumes, discover the grounds, including a secret tunnel and a woodland play area.  We also visited the butterfly house and saw many beautiful butterflies and moths, including a gigantic moth!  We had lots of fun together.

Rebecca and Henry

Braeside Residential Trip

For a full gallery of pictures of the residential trip enjoyed by Birch Class, please visit the Gallery section on this website.

Wiring a Plug!

Blue Abyss

We have started our new topic, 'Blue Abyss' and have enjoyed a visit from Bernard who is a volunteer at the Whale and Dolphin Centre in Chippenham.  He told us lots of facts about whales, dolphins, other sea life and the importance of looking after our oceans.  We really enjoyed our learning and are going to try and encourage others to look after our oceans and animals.

Roman Day

During our 'Innovate' Week, Birch class had a Roman Day where we had the opportunity to dress up as a Roman and attend a grand Roman banquet.

We got to try many different foods eaten by Romans, including: dates, figs, olives and pomegranate and we even drank our own wine! (sparkling grape juice!).

We created our own Roman persona and write applications to be accepted into the Roman army and completed agility tests to see if we would get in! These were javelin throwing, sprinting and jumping.

We counted up to one hundred in Roman numerals and also solved some sums using their numerals.

We have designed and created our own Roman shields and used these to work together, creating the different formations that soldiers used to protect themselves in battle.

We have been learning a very catchy song called,'Just like a Roman' which we performed to Year 5 with our own dance moves and they all joined in too!

Ruby said "My favourite thing that we did was having the banquet because the food was lovely."

Penny said, "My favourite part of the day was making coins out of clay."

Giganta Gut

Birch class completed their Innovate week by making a 'Giganta gut' to show the different parts of the digestive system.

Visit from Dentist

The first thing we did was listen to the dentist telling us about our mouth. Then he gave us all a tablet that could tell you if you were brushing your teeth well. After that we brushed our teeth and it felt quite weird because the whole class did it at the same time! The dentist showed us how to brush our teeth which I thought was quite ticklish. (Ruby)

When the dentist visited we learnt about teeth, gums, sugar and acid. I learnt that sugar can turn into acid. (Connor)

When the dentist and dental nurse came they told us interesting facts about our teeth and gums. Jo the dental nurse even had a gold filling! (Felix)

We had a talk about teeth. Then they put a disclosing tablet on our tongues, we had to swill the blue liquid around our mouths. After that we brushed our teeth. (Claudia)