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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”

ELM - Y2

Beaker Clay Coil Pots

Elm class had great fun making beaker clay coil pots, which were first made in the Neolithic period, painting them in a modern style!

Elm trip to Bristol Zoo Tuesday 11th June 2019

“I was very excited about going to the zoo because I was going to see some animals I had never seen before!” Eddie

“When we were at the zoo we were amazed with all of the animals. We had to follow Mrs Cross to a picnic spot but she kept going the wrong way!” Lola

“I held a hissing cockroach and felt two things and they were a snake and rat! The snake felt weird and the rat felt quite furry.” Will

“We went to a place called the Education centre where we learnt a lot about predators, prey, snakes and the zoo.” Evie

“When we saw the gorillas they were really cheeky.” Zac

“The dad gorilla was massive and the baby gorilla was just poking his dad’s head and then turning round and pretending it wasn’t him and that he didn’t even know about it.” Sophia

“I saw the lemurs and then we sang ‘I like to move it move it’ because one of the lemurs was called Julian.” Elias

“We saw a lion sleeping on the rock then all my group woke him up. He climbed into the bushes.” Isabel

“The Meercats were so cute because they were all huddled together like it was winter!” Robert

“The animal I found most funny was the Golden Tamarin, someone in my group tried to have a staring contest with him but the monkey just started back at him blankly. That was one of the most fun and fascinating days of my life!” Francesca

Tribal Tales

Elm class had a visit from Palaeo archaeologist James at the start of their new topic ‘Tribal Tales’.

“He said in the Old Stone Age they wore simple clothes and he held up the roughest clothes I had ever seen! Callie had to wear them and she looked really weird.” Robert

“I can’t believe the Old Stone Age was 13,000 years ago!” Eddie

“The Middle Stone Age people stayed in one place, were good at fishing, had store houses and lived by lakes. I wouldn’t like to live in this age.” Niamh

“He told us about our first ancestor called Lucy. She was a bit hairy so then I decided that I did not want her to be my ancestor! Noooooo!” Josie

“The Palaeolithic people had to follow animals around because they were their prey and James called them mobile Tescos. I found it really funny.” Francesca

“We tried to hit a chair which had a mountain goat fur on with a javelin. I hit it two times.” Xavier

“James told us that Stone Age people used to chew up charcoal and it made black paint, they used it for cave paintings! ‘Urgh!!!’ all the class said” Martha

Gods and Mortals

We had lots of fun activities linked to our topic of 'Gods and Mortals' such as creating our own God top trumps, designing a Greek pot, finding out about Greek soldiers and writing our own Greek myths. We finished the term with a class assembly where we performed a play based on the Greek myth of the Trojan Horse.

3D Shape

We had fun making skeleton models of 3D shapes with jelly sweets and cocktail sticks. We were able to describe the shapes using the language of faces, edges and vertices.

Innovate Week - Sewing

During innovate week, we learnt how to sew 2 pieces of fabric together to make a fish to go in our river.  This was very challenging for some of us as we had never sewn before.  However, this brought out the best of our learning skills - we showed resilience, peer support and determination.  Each one of us made a lovely fish, some independently and some with support. Photos of the finished fish will be posted soon.