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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”

Governing Body

Governing Body

The governing body is comprised of up to:-

5 parent governors
1 local authority governor
2 staff governors (including the head teacher)
6 co-opted governors
2 foundation governors

The Governing Body's ethos statement is:

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Please contact the school offices if you would like copies of non-confidential governing body minutes.

Rob Platt, Chair and Co Opted Governor

Rob joined the governing body in 2011 in order to have an active role in his children' education. He has 3 children, with 2 attending the school and the eldest having moved up to Malmesbury School. He is a member of the Education Development committee and currently chairs the SPORT committee (Strategic Planning, Organisation, Recruitment and Training) as well. He enjoys a busy lifestyle running his children around the county to various sporting activities and enjoys (?) supporting Bath Rugby and playing the odd game of touch rugby from time to time.

Ella Morgan Vice Chair of FGB and Chair of Finance & Staffing, Local Authority Governor

I became a governor in 2015 to support the school my three sons attend utilising my professional experience. My background is in buying management roles for high street retailers. More lately I have a property investment business and work as support for design and construction businesses. Family life for myself and my husband is very busy and we are generally found out and about in the fresh air with the boys or spending time with family and friends. In my spare time my nose is usually in a book or buying things I don’t need from antiques auctions.

Robert Jackson, Co-Opted Governor

Member of Health, Safety and Welfare Committee and member of Education Development Committee.

Robert Jackson has served as a Parent Governor for 4 years and he now serves as a Co-Opted Governor.  He is married with 2 children, both of which have attended our School since Foundation Stage, one currently at Upper school, the other at Lower school.  With an extensive background in Aviation and Information Technology, he is is shortly to become a STEM Ambassador, which will assist him in his role as Science Link Governor.  He also fulfils the schools SEN and EYFS Link Governor roles.

Nicki Sinclair, Foundation Governor

Hi I'm Nicki. I live in Brinkworth, married to Andy and we have four children who have all now completed their primary education at our school and are now at secondary and tertiary education centres. I first chose to be a governor back when my eldest son was in Reception because I wanted to make a difference to the quality of education. That passionate belief holds true today.   I'm a Foundation Governor which means I'm appointed by the Diocese of Bristol so I take a special interest in the Christian ethos of the school. I currently chair the Education Development committee which scrutinises and reviews educational development, pupil progress and educational policies. I help recruit our new inspirational teachers. 

I love reading, attending local music festivals and holidays when I can get away from the demands of my day job - I'm a pharmacist.

Rev Michael Graham, Foundation Governor

I retired to Brinkworth in 2010, after teaching Maths for 34 years in the secondary sector. Much of that time was spent at a Bristol independent school, where I finished in a deputy headship capacity - looking after academic performance and timetabling. I also served as a school inspector.

As a Foundation Governor at Brinkworth Earl Danby’s School, I am a firm supported of the School’s  Christian ethos and enjoy helping to lead Collective Worship regularly at the Lower School. I also provide Maths tuition each year to Year 6 in preparation for their SATs.

Wearing another hat, I am kept busy as Curate in our local Woodbridge Benefice of six churches.

Abi Larcombe, Parent Governor - First term of Office

Member of Finance & Staffing Committee and link Governor for English

Abi Larcombe took on the role of Parent Governor to be representative of parents and to help the school provide the opportunities and experiences the children deserve.  She has two daughters at the school, both enjoying a terrific education.  She is an enthusiastic volunteer for reading and a friend of the PTA.

Tom Ridgway, Parent Governor

Tom has 2 children at the school and became a Parent Governor in November 2017. He moved to Brinkworth in 2010 and juggles family life with 3 children with running his own business. He enjoys running and cycling.


Anne-Marie Tuck, Parent Governor

Anne-Marie became a governor in 2019. Anne-Marie has spent much of her career as a civil engineer working on large infrastructure projects. She currently works for the WISE campaign promoting gender balance in STEM. She is a Christian and attends Brinkworth church.

Sally Cross, Co-Opted Governor

I am the Deputy Head teacher and currently the Year 2 teacher. I have taught all my working life in schools in Nottinghamshire, London, Gloucestershire and Singapore. I have also taught all 7 primary school year groups during this time.

I have two teenage boys who are both now taller than me. I love reading, listening to music and yoga.


Finance & Staffing Chair: Ella Morgan
Education Development Chair: Nicki Sinclair
Health, Safety & Welfare Chair: Andy Lambert
SPORT Chair:
Name Start of Term End of Term Governor Type Appointed By Committees Pecuniary Interest
Rob Platt 01.12.15 30.11.19 Co-opted GB Chair-FGB, EDC Nil
Laura Hilliard 03.10.13 25.12.50 Staff (Headteacher)   All Nil
John Mitchell 14.12.17 13.12.21 Associate GB Vote on F & S Nil
Nicki Sinclair 13.02.15 12.02.19 Foundation Diocese Chair - EDC Nil
Paul Davies 31.10.16 30.10.20 Associate GB Vote on F & S Nil
Robert Jackson 19.03.18 18.03.22 Co-opted GB EDC, HSW Nil
Andy Lambert 17.10.17 16.10.21 Co-opted GB Chair - HSW Nil
Ella Morgan 02.11.15 01.11.19 LA LA Vice Chair - FGB,               Chair - F & S Nil
Sally Cross 21.09.15 20.09.19 Co-opted GB EDC Nil
Abi Larcombe 17.11.17 16.11.21 Parent GB F & S Nil
Tom Ridgway 17.11.17 16.11.21 Parent GB F & S Nil
Chris Foster 14.12.17 13.12.21 Staff GB HSW Nil
Mike Graham 26.10.17 25.10.21 Foundation Diocese Vote on EDC Nil
Andrew Willy 13.12.18 12.12.22 Co-opted GB   Nil
Anne-Marie Tuck 06.02.19 05.02.23 Parent GB   Nil

  Governor Attendance - Updated annually

  06.09.17 11.10.17 13.12.17 08.02.18 21.03.18 17.05.18 11.07.18
Rob Platt Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Tristram Channer Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Laura Hilliard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
John Mitchell Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Tom Ridgway     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nicki Sinclair Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Abi Larcombe     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paul Davies   Yes          
Robert Jackson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Andy Lambert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steve Waygood Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ella Morgan Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mike Graham   Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Chris Foster Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Sally Cross Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes