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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”

OAK - Y1/Y2

Making Salad Sandwiches

Oak Class have been making salad sandwiches as part of their growing topic this term. They learnt about how to write a set of instructions and how to follow a recipe.


Rabbi Visit

Oak class recently welcomed a visitor from the Jewish Community of Berkshire.  Rabbi Zvi L Solomens visited the class and spoke with the children about his thoughts on the religion of Judaism.   Explaining about the many rules which were followed, Rabbi Zvi talked about his tallit katan, the fringed garment which is worn over clothing.  Detailing that the individual twined and knotted fringes each represented the commandments which were followed.  The children were very respectful during the visit and enjoyed asking some great questions. 

Victorian Topic

Oak class have been taking part in class debates within our Victorian topic sessions this term.  Role playing as key characters from the time, arguing FOR or AGAINST the expansion of the railways, we saw appearances from:  John and Ann Sainsbury; the poet William Wordsworth; business man Thomas Cook and author Charles Dickens.  The boys and girls enjoyed dressing up as these key characters from the time and putting their arguments forward before a class vote.  The battles were clearly planned and thought out, great job Oak class!

Space, Space Travel & the Solar System

In Term 4 we were looking at space, space travel and the solar system.  This really fired the children's imagination, particularly when making their own alien to bring into school and the children had a great time making their own planet in class.  One day, we came back into the class room to find it had been ransacked!  Chairs were knocked over, the windows were wide open and the aliens had all moved from their usual place and were dotted around the class room!  Finding a rocket on the carpet led the children to think about what might have happened.  The children decided that all of the alien's had flown back to space to say hi to their families before returning to school in case they got into trouble.  Lovely imaginations Oak class.

The Three Little Pigs

In Term 3 we were looking at the traditional tale of The 3 Little Pigs.  The class had great fun with this topic and were able to investigate materials when considering the different houses the pigs had built.  They had even more fun making their own versions, being very creative with pictures, models and houses which represented the story.  Great work Oak class.

Cricket Workshop

Oak class took part in a cricket workshop at the sports Dome in Chippenham in November. They practised various cricket skills, including fielding, batting and bowling.