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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17


Environmental Art

Rowan Class have been exploring the genre of environmental art. They have studied how artists create artwork that addresses social and political issues related to the natural and urban environment. 

Rowan have worked collaboratively to create this artwork to raise awareness of ocean plastics. The wave represents the so-called ‘North Atlantic garbage patch’ – can you see the hidden shark, fish or seahorses?


In Maths Y4 have been using protractors to measure right, acute and obtuse angles. Y5 have been using mirrors to assist them in carrying out the reflection of a shape.


In Science we have been learning about polar animals and how they adapt to survive in a cold climate. The children carried out an investigation to see how polar animals stay warm.

To do this they used a tub of icy cold water measuring around 0o C to replicate the Arctic Ocean. They then did four tests, including a bare hand, a woollen glove, a plastic disposable glove and finally a plastic disposable glove covered in lard, to replicate blubber. The children then measured how long it took them to feel the cold in each test. The children were surprised how much warmer their hands were when they had blubber around their glove!



Children in Rowan Class have now finished their "talking boxes". This is the final part of their pneumatics project and have been made using a box and two syringes / tubing. One syringe pushes the air into another syringe to make the head move up and down as though talking. Children made their boxes in pairs and decorated these in the form of their favourite polar animal, in line with our current Frozen Kingdom topic. Children were delighted when they had control over their animal and were able to make it talk!


Christmas 2022



Children have been investigating pneumatic systems that use energy that is stored in compressed air. They have done some experiments using syringes and plastic tubing. Children will be making a toy using a pneumatic system when we return in January.


In Art we are learning to mix tints, tones and shades. Children mixed primary colours with either white, grey or black to match colours in existing paintings and photographs.


In Science we are learning about Earth and space. Children discovered how big the planets were in relation to each other and had an item of food to compare it to! These ranged from a peppercorn to represent Mercury to a melon to represent Jupiter.

Children also learned about how far the planets are from the sun by taking steps away from each other in the playground. Children who were Neptune had to take 78 steps away from the children who were the Sun, which meant that they had to go into the MUGA!


Odd Socks Day


Enjoying Lacrosse in PE


Steel Band Workshop