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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”


Trip to REME Museum


We had an amazing time at the REME Museum.  We had to build dodgem cars out of lego and make them move with electricity!

We also got to explore the museum and do a backpack challenge.  The free tour was the best because we played a WW2 game and we saw the guns that were used in the battle.”

By Penny and Olley

Trip to Berkeley Castle

Getting into Character for Book Week

Why Milk Spoils

This term we did an experiment on 'why milk spoils?'  We had 4 different types of milk to choose from. These were UHT, whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed. Our hypothesis was that whole milk will spoil quicker than the other milks because it has lots more fat than any of the other milks. We tested them and found out that as milk spoils it gets more acidic. If the milk was in a room that had a high temperature then it would spoil quicker.

Our test was meant to go on for 2 weeks, but due to the horrific smell it went on for only 6 days. If we were to do this again, then we would keep it in the same room with the same temperature and test it every day without shaking them to keep the test even.  We all enjoyed doing this experiment and I hope we do this again. By Ophelia.

Rocket Experiment

We tried 3 different rocket kits: a water rocket, an air rocket and a pump rocket. It was great fun; we tested them out in about 50 minutes.  The least successful was the water rocket because it only worked twice out of all the times we tried it.

We made our own rockets out of cardboard and plastic and left them outside for a week. After a week we took them inside and they were soaking wet and then we threw them outside to see if they would go high or far. Rhiannon's definitely went the furthest and Thomas' went the highest and it was also the biggest. The rockets were fun to play with.  By Thomas E.

Phases of the Moon - Art

Today in Art we were printing the phases of the Moon using Oreos and paint.  It was hard work keeping the Oreos from cracking whilst painting with them. Some people managed to do all eight phases of the Moon. By Mary.

Trip to The Big Pit

My favourite part was descending down the deep, dark coal mine (90 metres down). We laid our eyes on incredible things. There was a machine that rang if you put a piece of metal on it. Underground we inspected all of the lovely stables for the pit ponies.

By Ollie

My favourite part of the trip was 'King Coal' where it showed you how they made tunnels with TNT. It was like a walk around a movie in a hill (it was built through a hill). They also showed you the tools they used down the mine. They used picks and shovels to mine down the mine.

By Fynn