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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17


'While we can't hug' helps to explain to children why things are different and might be nice for parents to share with their children.

Home Learning


Metaphor Poem

I am Ham and Cheese toastie on my plate,

I am not waking up too an alarm, or at all today,

I am beating my dad at basketball, when he thinks he is the champion,

I am a sleeping puppy, snoring in their bed,

I am the chat between my friends when the school day is over,

I am the end of lockdown and I am freedom!!!!!!


The Washing Fairy  - By Thomas H

When you put your dirty washing in the machine the washing fairy comes to make it clean. 

She poops out soap and wees out water, let's hope it comes out as it oughta! 

And now onto her hamster coz it's his turn to help out . 

He spins round and round until his breakfast comes out.

After lots of running the hamster stops,

But the fairy gets annoyed because he got sick all over their best tops!


My Gran's Beard!

Eggcellent Eggs!

   ​​​ ​​​​​​   

Art Workshop

Year 6  were thrilled to meet Miranda Carter when she offered to come in and run a workshop for them. The children enjoyed looking at her paintings, listening about how she became an artist and the inspiration behind her work.

During the workshop the children learnt about mark making using a variety of natural tools, such as twigs, feathers and charcoal. They experimented with taking away the element of control by using their non-dominant hand. Miranda then went on to discuss her painting techniques and the children had the chance to experiment with watercolour to create a variety of different tones. 


Should We Let Pandas Die Out?

"While animals like the painted wolf, the vaquita, the finless porpoise and the western Noland gorilla are fighting to survive, the Giant Panda however, does not care about future generations. It is self-absorbed as well as cute and cuddly. So the question is, should we let Pandas die out?

Recent research has shown that Pandas consume forty pounds of bamboo daily to satisfy their stomachs. Not only do they feed on lots of bamboo, but it costs an absolute fortune, in fact $6.4 billion. Also, it has to be flown across the world from China every week to zoos around the world.

On the other hand it was humans who drove them to the edge of extinction.

Although some people disagree, it was humans who drove the Pandas to the edge of extinction by taking away their habitat and destroying it completely, Mark Wright (a TV naturalist) says "Pandas are creatures of God and we should do all we can to help them."  It is only natural for us to let them die out like the Yangtze pink river dolphin. Do you agree?

Even though we could save Pandas (some people say), Pandas can drive zoo keepers mad with fake pregnancies. When they do get pregnant it is usually with a family member and if the panda cub does stay alive, there are normally two cubs, which means one will not survive to adult-hood because the mother is thick and eats or squishes her cubs.

Finally, they spread seeds. Pandas digest crops and it comes out as faeces and wherever they go, they spread the seeds far and wide, so local communities benefit from a better harvest in coming years.

In conclusion, I think Pandas are a waste of money and should not deserve all our love, attention, time and effort. So let them die, they have had their time. What do you think?"

By Ruby C-B


"Whilst the world is going through change, lots of animals are becoming extinct. Most of these animals want to survive, except the Giant Pandas, because they cannot have babies without human help. These pandas are extremely cute, so they are being kept alive. Should we save these cute mammals, who lumber around eating bamboo 14-16 hours a day or just let nature take its course?

For saving Pandas. Personally I find them extremely fascinating as they are an umbrella species. Also they are a Chinese symbol, which means they earn a lot of money for China. Moreover, they clear carbon storage by eating bamboo. Also, they help safeguard the broader environment and also spread seeds. Furthermore, climate change will probably kill them, so we should enjoy them whilst we are able to.

Against saving them. These doofuses are so expensive to keep. It is $6.4 billion per year for every panda left in the world. Extinction is very much part of life, so why don't we just get it over and done with? Also if they do not live in China, they need to get 40 pounds of bamboo daily from other countries, which costs an absolute fortune! Furthermore, and adult Giant Panda weighs about 200-300 pounds and they also eat or squish their babies after having them!

In conclusion I think that Pandas should not be killed by us humans. I think this because:

  • they cannot help not being able to have babies, it is just the way they have evolved
  • they are incredibly cute
  • they are very amusing
  • they clear carbon storage which is incredibly amazing

These are all perfectly good reasons to save the panda species. We need more people to save pandas by either adopting them, donating money or even just spreading the word. Who's with me?

By Nev