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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

“Believe to Achieve”


First Aid Training

The Eden Project - 2019

More photos can be found in the Gallery section of this website.

Day 4

Our morning was time table free so we looked at the new under water exhibit, which focused on the invisible world of the oceans. After this we went to look at the infinity blue exhibit. Who would have thought our planet started with just one organism that first learnt to breathe out and photosynthesise. We got to look at bacteria, insects and even mouldy old dough under microscopes.

The afternoon session was shelter building. Well done to team Eastenders and team Mis-snake for coming joint first.

Our evening session was Fabulous Flags. A session for our more artistic and creative.

Day 3

After another mammoth breakfast we were off on our first workshop of the day; Rainforest Uncovered. A group activity that helped the children understand the medicines, food and shelters needed to survive in the rainforest. The children really enjoyed  this and at the end produced some interesting presentations.

Wow! A roast chicken dinner, mac cheese and chocolate cake for pudding. All I can say is that they ate the lot.

This evening we took part in the silly Olympics. Well done to team 4 for winning this manic session and for the rest who put in a respectable performance in the multi disciplinary event. Tonne bag racing, land skis, buckets full of water balanced on heads and racing water down drain pipes lead to a great team building atmosphere.

Day 2

Breakfast heaven! bacon, sausage and egg rolls, Danish pastries, toast and juice. Truly wonderful. Complete silence, clean plates and the consumption was massive.

This afternoon was hang loose. Not for those with vertigo - climbing wall and big air.  There was a lot of soul searching, mental strength and courage involved, but most of all they all found out a little bit more about themselves.

With fire lighting, popcorn and birthday cake the evening drew in and it was time for bed and a time to reflect.

Day 1

A surprise picnic on the golden sands of Par beach on our trip down!

After a guided tour of the Eden Project site we had a dinner of pasta, chicken and bacon pie, jacket potato, more veg than you could ever ask for, trifle and apple crumble. An evening tour of the tropical biome followed, where the children tried to play rainforest music.

Book Reviews

More book reviews can be found in the attachments at the bottom of this page.

Dissecting Lambs Hearts

On Tuesday 12th March, after the dreaded daily mile, my class, Willow, was sitting in their normal places having conversations with the person next to them until Mr Foster came in. He asked some people to move their tables around and then gather around the table next to the door. At that moment I saw a blob of fat in a plastic bag and realised that it was the day we would be dissecting hearts, which sounds gross. Then Mrs Quaile came in with a lot of trays (for cutting) and a huge box, which I assumed was full of sheep hearts for us to dissect in groups of two or three.

I was right, once Mr Foster had showed us how and what to do, we had to get into groups; I was with Georgia and Eloise. We watched as Mrs Quaile handed out the sheep hearts. By  now we had lost some of the troop, so only the bravest were left.

Thud! The heart landed on the tray. We could now start. After a while we found three ventricles, but we couldn't find the fourth, as we had accidentally cut it while finding the chambers. Unfortunately the room stank of a few things: blood; fish and a dustbin. We we had to evacuate the room leaving both adults to get rid of the smell.  By Eve

For more write ups on dissecting hearts please see the files attached at the bottom of this page.

The Iceberg Experiment

Year 6 were studying the Frozen Kingdom as a topic. The class were trying to make icebergs out of ice with no flat edges. Three children decided to do an experiment using: de-ionised water, a small water bottle, salt, a thermometer, a massive bowl and lots of ice. They started by putting the small water bottle of de-ionised water into the bowl and covered it half way up in ice. After that, they filled the bowl with freezing water and put 1.5kg of salt and the thermometer in too. When the water inside the bowl was at -8°C, the job to do was taking  out the bottle and placing some ice on the table. By undoing the lid of the bottle and pouring it gently onto the ice, the ice slowly built up and made a stalagmite of ice that came out of nowhere. By Alex & Amelia.


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Trip to The Big Pit

We descended into the depths of a coal mine and discovered how generations of coal miners brought the precious coal up to the surface that was needed to power the industrial revolution.