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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 04.05.20

Dear Parents

English and Maths will continue in the same way with a lesson for each day. I hope the format of the lessons and the different levels of work are enabling you to support your child as they complete their English and Maths activities.

Spellings for this week are focused on adding ‘ing’ to words which end in a vowel and consonant so when you add ‘ing’ you need to double the last letter (the consonant): sitting, running, beginning, stopped, snapped, travelled. Please could your child practise these 6 words every day and then could you please test them at the end of the week. They could also find out what each word means or write 6 sentences each one to include one of their spelling words.

Phonics work for this week is looking at alternative spellings of ‘air’ and ‘or’. Activities can be found on under Phase 5C Weeks 8-30 Investigating Alternative Spellings ‘air’ ‘or’.

I have set 5 ‘To do’ activities on Purple Mash:- creating ‘My Garden’; Plant labelling; Odd and Even; Sequence Snake; Rainy Day (conjunctions) and ‘Fun with Fish’ coding.

The R.E. lesson is about ‘The Good Samaritan. If you click on the tab labelled ‘R.E. Good Samaritan’ you will find the R.E. work for this week.

Our Topic activity is Science. It involves observing and naming the different parts of plants and flowers. Activities they could do are:- take a flower or plant apart and study it; count the petals and/or leaves; compare sizes, colours and patterns of different flowers/plants; draw and label the flower/plant using scientific vocabulary and explain what the different parts of the plant do. The tab ‘Science Posters showing parts of plants’ contains the scientific vocabulary for the different parts. There is a worksheet to label and one worksheet with a table to complete explaining what each part of a plant does.

For Art/D.T. make a 3D model of a flower or a plant. You could create your 3D model using discarded cardboard (junk modelling), lego or anything else you can find at home or in your garden.

As before I am checking the class emails daily so I am able to answer any queries you may have or for you to share how well something has gone. I have started to put some of the photographs of work you have emailed to me onto the Elm class’ web page so we can all see the fantastic things we have been up to at home.

Finally, please do pick and choose what suits you and your family best in these unprecedented times.

Take care

Sally Cross