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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 08.06.20

Hello and welcome to week 2 of term 6.

The first week has been interesting as we tried to settle back in to the new, very minimalist way of working. The pupils who have returned have done an amazing job at trying to follow the new rules and regimes.

The planning for this week follows really closely what we are learning in class, so please do not worry that you may be missing out.


Day 1 – Watching a video-message from the lockdown: a letter to myself in six months’ time. Revising formal and informal language. Noting ideas.     

Day 2 – Re-watching the video-message. Exploring the vocabulary of emotions. Creating and performing own messages.

Day 3 – Watching a different video-poem from the lockdown: Things to remember when this is over. Revising expanded noun-phrases and thinking about description.

Day 4 – Analysing the video-poem. Planning, scripting and performing own messages. 

Day 5 – Reading a poem about the NHS by Michael Rosen. Identifying nouns and verbs. Writing own poem.


Day 1 – Use mental strategies to multiply by 5, 20, 6, 4 and 8. Solve scaling problems.

Day 2 – Use mental strategies to divide by 5, 20, 6, 4 and 8. Solve scaling problems.

Day 3 – Use translations, rotations and reflections to create patterns.

Day 4 – Explore ratios, including the Golden Section.

Day 5 – Explore ratios, including the Golden Section.


The 3 Ps (pee, poo and paper) but why just toilet paper? Carry out an investigation into the properties of toilet role compared to tissues and kitchen role. Put the same amount of paper into a sealed container along with water and shake. What do you notice?


Where does all the water go? Building on last week’s work on the water cycle; I would like the children to research how sewage is treated and turned back into fresh water.


The story of the Good Samaritan fits in really well with the current situation we find ourselves in at the moment. Below is a link for you to explore this story in more detail.


As a school, every class will be looking at the same resource called ‘The Big Idea Weekly Challenge’. Details of the challenges can be found on the school website.

Art and DT

Build your own water treatment filter. Below is a link to a really simple version of a water filter but with a little thought and research, I am sure you can build a lot better versions. 


Continuing with the programming theme, I have set up 5 more To Dos on Purple Mash building on the previous weeks work.