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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 11.05.20

Dear Parents

English and Maths will continue in the same way with a lesson for each day. As I mentioned when I spoke to you on the phone, please do pick and choose the activities that will work best for your child and don’t feel you have to do all the activities for each day.

Spellings for this week we are focusing on adding ‘ier’: happier, happiest, funnier, funniest, speedier, speediest. These create superlatives where we compare things. Please could your child practise these 6 words every day and then could you please test them at the end of the week. They could also find out what each word means or write 6 sentences each one to include one of their spelling words.

Phonics work for this week is looking at alternative spellings of ‘er’ and ‘ur’. Activities can be found on under Phase 5C Weeks 8-30 Investigating Alternative Spellings ‘er’ ‘ur’.

I have set 5 ‘To do’ activities on Purple Mash:- Creating a boat; Money to 20p; Bubbles coding; Lily’s dog apostrophes and Cloze work ‘er’ ‘ea’ ‘ou’.

The R.E. lesson is about ‘The Good Samaritan’. Please look at the ‘Good Samaritan’ powerpoint below or watch the story on the internet A story board can be created using the Storyboard worksheet and the pictures which can be found below. There is also a Good Samaritan Journal Page which is asking the children to think about the meaning of the story.

Our Topic activity is Geography which links with the English work. I would like your child to create their own treasure map with a key. You can decide what the treasure will be and you can make it look old by staining the paper with a tea bag. The activity can be extended by using co-ordinates to plot a route to the treasure. There is a Treasure map worksheet and Pirate Map co-ordinates below.

D.T. also links with the English work this week and involves drawing or making your own Treasure chest. What will you put inside? What will be your treasure? You could draw or make treasure to go inside.

I will be checking the class email daily so I am available should you need to contact me. It has been lovely to see the class’ work on our Elm class web page so do please keep sending me pictures.

Please do continue to pick and choose what suits you and your family best in these unprecedented times.

Take care

Sally Cross