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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 15.06.20

Hello Beech Class! I hope you are all happy and well.

This week our text is a story called ‘Katie and the Sunflowers’ by James Mayhew. You can listen to the story using the link below.

This week’s Literacy activities are:

  • Write a recount of your weekend- sheet attached
  • Write a list of adjectives to describe a sunflower
  • Can you write a description of a sunflower using the adjectives?
  • Write about your favourite part of the ‘Katie and the Sunflowers’ story
  • Watch the Life cycle of a Sunflower PowerPoint and complete the activity sheet- see attached
  • Share the story ‘Eddie’s garden and how to make things grow’ by Sarah Garland. Talk about how to care for plants. What do they need?

This week’s Maths activities are: Money

  • Order coins from 1p to £1. Look at each one in turn. How are they the same? How are they different? Draw the coins or rub over them with a crayon and look at the size, colour and markings. Mix them up, can you put them in order again? Close your eyes and ask an adult to take one of the coins in the line. Which one is missing? How do you know?
  • Complete the coin recognition sheet matching the amount to the coin
  • Cut and stick the coins in the correct order from the smallest value to the largest value- sheet attached
  • How much do the ice creams cost? Can you add up the coins to see how expensive each ice cream is?- sheet attached
  • Add up how much money is in the jar?- sheet attached
  • Make that amount in the jar, cut and stick the correct coins- sheet attached
  • Set up a ‘penny toy shop’ with price labels and a till. What can you buy for 10p? If you give the shopkeeper 10p and the teddy is 8p, how much change would you get? Keep to amounts up to 20p

This week’s Topic activities are:

  • Plant your own sunflower and keep a diary watching it grow- diary template attached
  • Plan the ‘How am I feeling game?’- see attached emotions cards and instruction sheet
  • Explore what makes you happy- see attached activity sheet
  • Create your picture of sunflowers using collage, pastel or paint
  • Find out more about Van Gogh- resource sheets attached
  • What does a Mezuzah remind Jewish people about? Share the Power Point and then make your own Mezuzah- resources attached

This week’s Purple Mash activities are:

  • Explore the Garage centre in Simple City
  • Create a pirate ship
  • Paint some sunflowers

(Please see 2Dos)

Lego and Playdough Challenges:

Can you make a vehicle?

Can you make the letters to spell your name?

Please email any pictures, learning or WOW moments to me on the class email. I would love to see them.

Happy Learning Beech class. See you soon!

Love Mrs Gray x