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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 18.05.20

Rowan Class Week 5 – 18/05/20 – Sow, Grow and Farm

I hope everyone is well and continuing to keep safe.

This week there is a Wellbeing Challenge for everyone to do in place of topic lessons.


This week the spellings are:

Year 4 – Prefix Inter-

Year 5 – Silent Letters

Art/DT – Detailed drawings

Develop detailed drawings and paintings of plants and flowers from your plant and flower observations. If you have a magnifying glass, use this to look carefully to study the patterns on petals and leaves as well as the veins and tiny hairs. Add black and white paint to create tints and tones of colour. Alternatively, use a zoom focus (macro) on a digital camera to take close-up and abstract photographs of flower parts to create a digital montage.  If you can’t do this close up, please don’t worry and look as close as you can with your eye.  Then look at the work of artist, Georgia O’Keeffe (below) who is well known for her close up, detailed flower paintings and use these to help you sketch/paint your own close up, details sketches of plants and flowers. 


RE – Can we create a code for living that would help the world?

Making a code for living.

Can you recall some codes for living that Christians and Humanists might try to follow?

Can you remember some of the ideas that are important?

Have you remembered any similarities and differences?

Look at the Ten Commandments (Exodus Chapter 20), or Romans Chapter 12 in the New Testament, or ideas from the humanist website: compare these with your answers. How well did you do?


Talk about why people do good and bad things; remember the Bible’s picture of people being made in God’s image but also ‘fallen’.

Do people need ‘commandments’ (who is commanding?) or rules (who sets them?) or guidelines (who do we trust?)? Or could we all just get along without any ‘codes for living’? Why/why not?

Can you come up with 5-10 sentences that would make good rules for a happier world?

Or a simpler version for ‘a happier town’?

You may re-use ideas from Christian and humanist sources, but should also add your own ideas and expression.

Share them with people at home.  Can you give reasons for your choices?

Do they include ideas of fairness, truth, peace, forgiveness, honesty, and justice? Why?

The ‘Ten Commandments’ were written on ‘tablets of stone’.

You could express your own rules through art work, writing or on the computer if you wish.

What would be the impact of the rules/codes for living? 

What would help people to keep to these codes?

What would be the right thing to do to stop a person from breaking the codes for living?

Note that both Christians and Humanists are a bit hostile to just ‘keeping the rules’ for their own sake. Both prefer the idea that choices are made out of love and respect, rather than just ‘doing as they are told.’ Consider why this is important.

If you wish to share your rules with others please email me a photo/copy of them and I will add them to the school website.