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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 20.04.20

Maths, English and spellings - attachments below.

Big Idea Weekly Challenge

See attachment below.


Watch videos of everyday and extreme weather in the UK and identify which season they think it might be. Discuss the consequences of different types of weather and recall their experiences of them. Draw a picture and write a sentence or two about a specific type of weather.


Investigate famous artists that paint pictures of the weather. Re -create one of your favourites. Here are a couple of examples below.

Bathers at Asnières 

Bridge in the Rain Van Gogh


Belonging – Where and how do I belong?

Draw a picture of yourself. Think of as many words as you can that show that you belong, including people, places and groups. Eg – brother, church, park, swimming pool, rainbows, ballet club.