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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 22.06.20

I hope you are all well and enjoying the topic so far.

Topic – Life in Space

Watch film and documentary clips that show the effect of zero gravity in the International Space Station. Find out about the gravitational pull on Earth and how this differs from, for example, gravity on the Moon. Explain in your own words what determines the force of gravity on our planet and others.

Note: Often objects are described as being ‘weightless’ in space, however, this is a misconception. Spacecrafts and the objects inside them are actually in free fall around Earth and fall at the same rate as objects being pulled by gravity. NASA has a range of videos showing different aspects of life in space.  You could also draw diagrams to explain your ideas.

Art/DT – Moonscapes

Design and make a satellite, rover or shuttle for a specific mission. Decide what sort of craft to make, thinking carefully about its design and what materials to use to withstand a hostile environment. Test the materials for durability against extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosion. Decide how your craft will be powered (solar panels perhaps?) and what scientific equipment will be needed to complete its mission.

Note: Spacecraft often have a range of scientific sensing equipment. These include viewers – eye-like instruments which measure light and colour; listeners – ear-like instruments that listen for sound or radio waves; and feelers – finger-like instruments that explore a substance for hardness, texture, temperature or wetness. Data loggers and sensors could be incorporated into your designs as a means to measure light, sound, humidity or temperature.

RE – Buddhism – Explain what happens at the major Buddhist festival

Look at the PowerPoint attached. 

Wesak is the most important Buddhist festival.  Find out when it happens and what it celebrates.

Talk about how we might celebrate a festival and things we might do at home.  Discuss how Wesak is celebrated.  You could recreate bathing the Buddha.  Why do Buddhists bathe the Buddha?

Read the instructions (attached) and make your own Wesak lantern.

When you have finished, draw a picture on the attached sheet to show how Wesak is celebrated all over the world.