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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week Commencing 27.04.20

Beech Home Learning- Term 5 Week 2

Hello Beech Class! I hope you are all happy and well. This term our topic is ‘Why do Zebras have stripes?’ Below are some activities for this week. Have fun!

Your learning last week was amazing. A BIG thank you to your families for helping you and well done for working so hard. It is a strange time for us all but if we stick together and stay safe hopefully we will all be back together soon.

This week we are going on a reading Safari and becoming ‘Super Beech Class Fact Detectives’. Your mission is to try and find out as much as you can about Africa and the animals that live there.  Try searching for facts on animals on the internet, chat to someone in your family about what they know or maybe look in books you have at home.

I have attached a Powerpoint called ‘EYFS Africa’ for you to read Super Detectives! There is also a Safari video PowerPoint and a word mat.

This week’s Literacy activities are:

  • Complete a labelled diagram of an African animal. Cut and stick the labels on. I have attached several for you to choose from and there is a printed sheet in your term 5 pack too. Do as many as you wish.
  • Draw a picture of an African animal and write some facts you have discovered. You could use the themed paper in your term 5 pack or I have attached some fact file templates you can fill in.
  • Share the story ‘We’re going on an elephant hunt!’ (attached). Act it out with the sounds and actions moving around your house and garden. Can you think of your own sounds and actions you could add? Maybe you could take a video of your family acting it out and email me!

This week’s Maths activities are: 2D and 3D shapes

  • Go on a shape hunt around the house. What triangles can you see? Squares? Rectangles? Circles? You can share the ‘Everyday 2D shapes’ PowerPoint to show examples (attached)
  • Create a shape picture and label the 2D shapes you used. Can you describe the shapes? How many lines does a square have? Which shapes have straight lines? Curved lines? How many corners does a …… have? What’s the same? What’s different?
  • Finish the 2D shape patterns- Activity sheet attached
  • 2D shape colouring pictures- Activity sheets attached
  • Can you remember the names of 3D shapes? Share the 3D shape PowerPoint attached.
  • Complete the 3D shape sorting activity. Can you cut and stick the 3D shapes onto the right poster? Activity sheet attached
  • A 2D shape mat is attached to support the children’s recognition of the shapes and remembering the names

This week’s Topic activities are:

  • Watch the Go Jetters trip to Africa and learn more about the Continent. How many countries are there within Africa? Take the landmarks quiz! See the attached Cbeebies PowerPoint
  • Play Guess the Noise with your family. Make the noise of an African Animal and see if your family can guess which animal it is. You may need to give them some clues!
  • Paint or collage an African animal you have learnt about
  • Create an African landscape using sand, rocks, gravel, driftwood, lolly sticks or cardboard. You could draw and add animals to your landscape.
  • Find Africa using a world map, globe or Google Earth and explore!
  • Play the Safari Game- Guess the animal behind the binoculars. See attached Power Point

This week’s Purple Mash activities are:

  • Explore the Simple City Zoo
  • Colour and label a big cat
  • Show me which basic shapes you know
  • Continue to create a story of words, picture and audio of your Safari Adventure
  • Continue to explore practical everyday maths in Maths City 1

(Please see 2Dos)

This week’s scavenger hunt is:

Take a photo of you with all your treasures!

Please email any pictures, learning or WOW moments to me on the class email. I would love to see them.

Happy Learning Beech class. See you soon!

Mrs Gray x