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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17

Week commencing 04.05.20

Hello Beech Class! I hope you are all happy and well. What amazing learning you are all doing. I am so proud of you. Below are some activities for this week. Have fun!

This week is all about food! Yummy! By the end of the week I am hoping you will have created and set up your own African market stall.

You could start by looking at this video of an African Market. Discuss with your family all the sights, sounds and colours you can see. Do you recognise any of the food for sale?


This week’s Literacy activities are:

  • Cooking time! Make something yummy in the kitchen with an adult. You could try a new food. What about making a fruit salad, or a smoothie or maybe some banana bread or pancakes that you could sell on your stall? Remember to listen carefully.
  • Now write up the recipe. What did you used? What ingredients did you need? See if you can write some simple instructions.
  • Draw and label a fruit bowl- activity on Purple Mash, see 2Do
  • Listen to the story ‘Mama Panyas Pancakes’ on YouTube and talk about why it’s important to share
  • Listen and watch the story ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ read by me click here! Excuse Mr Grays bad camera work!!!!

What yummy food would you like for tea? Can you write an invitation inviting the tiger to tea? Please see attached sheet.

This is a link to some lovely stories you can cuddle up, listen to and share at home.


This week’s Maths activities are: Doubling and Halving

  • See if you can match the doubling ladybird cards, you could play snap and see how many you can find.
  • Ladybird double to 10 activity sheet-as attached
  • Share the ‘Teaching Pirates to be fair’ PowerPoint and talk about sharing. Half means we both have the same!
  • Half pirate treasure activity sheet- as attached
  • You could half an even number of play food, playdough cakes or real biscuits on plates between you and a member of your family to share. Have you both got the same?
  • Halving problem solving activity sheet attached
  • Doubling problem solving activity sheet attached


This week’s Topic activities are:

  • Create a colourful banner for your market stall, what will you call it?
  • Collect or draw and paint fruit and vegetables to sell in your stall
  • Make price labels and posters for all the yummy food you are going to sell
  • Can you create an observation drawing of a piece of fruit or vegetable? Ask an adult to cut the fruit or vegetable in half so you can see inside.
  • Cut and stick to create a healthy lunch box- see attached sheet
  • Open your market stall! Call everyone to some and see what you have to sell. Enjoy playing with your family.
  • Try some African dancing!

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Tweyagale By Eddy Kenzo

  • RE- Create an ‘All about Me’ poster. Draw a picture of yourself or use a photograph. Then write or draw some of the things you are good at and things that make you special.


This week’s Purple Mash activities are:

  • Simple City Café- Come and help prepare meals in the Café
  • Paint a lion- What kind of lion will you create?
  • Play and record simple melodies using 2Explore Music
  • Design a healthy meal for Mrs Gray

(Please see 2Dos)


This week’s scavenger hunt is:

Take a photo of you with all your treasures!

Please email any pictures, learning or WOW moments to me on the class email. I would love to see them. Please remember you don’t have to cover everything, do as little or as much as you wish.

Happy Learning Beech class. See you soon!

Love Mrs Gray x