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Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Brinkworth Earl Danby’s CE Primary School

Believe to Achieve! "Roots will grow down into God's love and keep us strong" EPH 3:17


In Art we are learning to mix tints, tones and shades. Children mixed primary colours with either white, grey or black to match colours in existing paintings and photographs.


In Science we are learning about Earth and space. Children discovered how big the planets were in relation to each other and had an item of food to compare it to! These ranged from a peppercorn to represent Mercury to a melon to represent Jupiter.

Children also learned about how far the planets are from the sun by taking steps away from each other in the playground. Children who were Neptune had to take 78 steps away from the children who were the Sun, which meant that they had to go into the MUGA!


Odd Socks Day


Enjoying Lacrosse in PE


Steel Band Workshop